Shamira, Jezebel, and Julious, Seeing Clearly Through The Mobile Vision Program

QueensCare Mobile Vision Program

Vision problems in children occur most often during the middle school years. For this reason, QueensCare has worked with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) since 1999 to provide an on-site school vision program to select middle schools where 75% or more of the students qualify for the federal free or reduced lunch program. This year alone, the Mobile Vision Program visited 29 middle schools and two Catholic schools, where screenings by the school nurse and an eye exam by a QueensCare optometrist, resulted in more than 2,100 prescriptions for glasses, all provided free to the students. 

Shamira (age 14) and Jezebell (age 12) first learned about the program being held at Griffith Middle School, where they are students.  Their mother, Brizeida, was happy to learn that not only could her two older girls take advantage of the QueensCare program that summer, but that her younger son, Julious (age 10), could also be seen at no cost to the family. Once their eyes were checked by Dr. Esther Chen of QueensCare, the family discovered that all of the children needed glasses. 

“The children were all excited to choose the frames for their new glasses,” says Brizeida. “We also started seeing a big improvement in their schoolwork right away, as they were now able to see the blackboards in their classrooms and better understand the work being asked of them. Shamira and Jezebell have become much more engaged in all subjects, but now especially enjoy reading.” 

“Now that the children get their vision checked and receive glasses, we are assured that vision problems will not keep them from enjoying school or hold them back from the excitement of learning,” says Brizeida.  “Dr. Chen and QueensCare have been a real blessing to our family and have made a huge difference in our children’s lives.” 

About The QueensCare Mobile Vision Program 

Partnering with LAUSD and local schools, we are happy to have helped thousands of LA’s children by providing everything from vision screenings to free glasses to keep their vision healthy for years to come.