Charitable Division

QueensCare works with many organizations to achieve its mission of providing quality care to the low-income residents of Los Angeles County. The Charitable Division supports the efforts of these entities with grants to provide, increase, or improve healthcare services for populations within the QueensCare service areas. By combining our resources with those of other health-related organizations, QueensCare is able to extend its impact beyond its immediate reach.

The Charitable Division, which operates under the oversight of the Grant Committee and QueensCare Charitable Board, distributes funds to programs aligned with purposes outlined in QueensCare’s thirteen healthcare funds established in its governing charter. The Charitable Board has awarded funds to like-minded organizations such as the John Tracy Center, Los Angeles Christian Health Center, St. Anne’s Family Services, and Project Angel Food.

The Charitable Division also created a scholarship program in 2005 to assist exceptional, low-income students studying to enter the healthcare field and dedicated to serving low-income underserved communities. The Gene and Marilyn Nuziard program funded students until 2021 when it was followed by the J.J. Brandlin Scholarship Fund in honor of QueensCare’s late founder who was able to attend college during the depths of the Depression thanks to a scholarship.

QueensCare touches the lives of thousands of Angelenos – funding nearly $20 million in healthcare programs and services each year and making the City of Angels a little healthier—one patient at a time.

QueensCare’s 13 Healthcare Funds

QueensCare’s governing charter allocates its Investment Fund, composed of most of the organization’s assets, into thirteen Expenditure Trust Funds that serve a specific program purpose. Each fund and its purpose is described below.

THE INPATIENT HEALTHCARE FUND is used for the sole purpose of providing inpatient healthcare to medically indigent persons residing within the service area.

THE OUTPATIENT HEALTHCARE FUND provides outpatient healthcare to medically indigent persons residing within the service area.

THE EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES FUND is used to fund emergency room care and related inpatient care at general acute care hospitals.

THE QUEENSCARE HEALTH AND FAITH PARTNERSHIP FUND supports the operations of QueensCare Health & Faith Partnership program, which provides screenings, immunizations, and education to vulnerable individuals who are often excluded from traditional avenues of healthcare.

THE COMMUNITY CLINICS FUND is used for the management, financing, and support of Los Angeles community clinics, which offer primary and preventive medical care, dental, vision, and other services to those in need.

THE PASTORAL CARE SERVICES FUND is used to minister to patients of all faiths facing illness or injury in the hospital.

THE TRANSPORTATION FUND provides transportation services to patients requiring inpatient or outpatient care, as well as to their families.

THE BILINGUAL ACCESS AND TRANSLATION FUND is used to fund linguistic services for a diverse patient population who are not proficient in English.

THE GRANTS FUND is used to award grants to various causes that facilitate QueensCare’s service mission.

THE HIV/AIDS SERVICES FUND provides health care services for AIDS and ARC patients.

THE RESTRICTED GIFTS FUND, consisting of funds donated to QueensCare, is used to fulfill the donor’s intent as set out in the gift.

THE EDUCATION AND OUTREACH FUND is used to educate the community on the importance of early primary and preventive healthcare, as well as how to obtain such care.

THE RESIDUAL FUND is used to enhance or increase funding from any of the other 12 funds and is used for the specific purpose of the fund being supplemented.