QueensCare Health & Faith Partnership

Since 1992, QueensCare Health & Faith Partnership (QHFP) in cooperation with numerous churches, faith-based schools, and social service agencies has implemented healthcare outreach programs targeting the unique needs of their communities. Encountering issues as diverse and delicate as food insecurity, mental health problems, substance abuse, and medication adherence, parish nurses work with skill and compassion to build trust with patients and coordinate services. QHFP also extends services to homeless residents assisting those in need of housing, basic resources, and healthcare.

The goal of QHFP is to provide the underserved with a point of access to healthcare that is both safe and personal. Partner congregations and agencies form “health cabinets”, typically made up of volunteers from the congregation, that identify gaps in healthcare within their own communities. With the leadership of the parish nurse, plans are developed to address these specific needs. QueensCare parish nurses and community health workers (CHWs) are located at partner sites so members of the congregation, or the neighborhood, can meet with them on a walk-in basis. The parish nurses and CHWs provide low or no-cost immunizations and screenings to children and adults, as well as health education and counseling. Additionally, parish nurses refer those requiring further medical attention to healthcare resources within the community.

QHFP Service Sites Flyer

Lists of community partner sites where QHFP visits regularly are linked below in various languages.

These flyers were last updated on 2/6/24.