Pastoral Care Division

The Pastoral Care Division embodies QueensCare’s belief in the importance of spirituality and the need to address this essential element in holistic care. The Pastoral Care Division brings love, respect, and comfort to those who are experiencing difficult health issues. These interdenominational chaplains, who come from all over the world and represent the diversity of the communities that QueensCare serves, pray with and for patients and their families in a multilingual, multicultural setting.

Like the Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart before them, chaplains tend to the spiritual needs of patients experiencing illness and hospitalization. They also help patient’s family members cope with fear, pain, and suffering related to severe illness and injury. Chaplains bring solace and counseling to the suffering, and to hospital staff when needed, visiting the hospital daily and conducting religious services that are attended by families, caregivers, and medical staff alike.