QueensCare 25th Anniversary & Documentary Premiere

On April 14th, QueensCare honored the 25th Anniversary of the organization as we know it today. The celebration included the premiere of “QueensCare: Chosen to Serve”, a documentary detailing QueensCare’s origin story which began over 125 years ago with the Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart doing their works of neighborly love. It has been a long journey, with no shortage of struggles along the way, and it has changed the course of many lives because of the selfless dedication of the Sisters, staff, and board members who have given their all to this great and noble purpose.

The event was held at Vibiana (formerly the Cathedral of St. Vibiana) in downtown Los Angeles and was a chance for QueensCare’s Board of Directors, past and present, staff, supporters, and friends to gather, connect, and celebrate the organization’s long and rich legacy.

QueensCare: Chosen to Serve”, a legacy project begun over a year ago, visualizes the story of the Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart and the many key individuals who carried the mantel alongside them. The film documents the extraordinary history, selfless work, grit, and compassion of the many people who transformed QueensCare into the organization it is today. A special thank you to all who made the film possible, especially Kavich Reynolds Productions, and all those who provided their testimony. Special thanks go to Sr. Joyce Shanabarger, General Community Leader of the Franciscan Sisters, who flew to Los Angeles to film her interview and then returned for the premiere. Sister Ruth Agee, played a key part thanks to her long service to QueensCare for over 16 years.

The film is dedicated to the Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart, Arthur W. Barron, and John Joseph Brandlin.

Pictures from the event are accessible below and “QueensCare Chosen to Serve” is available to watch on the “Our History” page and QueensCare’s YouTube Channel.