QueensCare Mental Health Program

Early in 2017, Blanca and her two sons, Nicolas (age 11) and Alexander (age 7) were facing issues that often follow a parental separation. The boys were displaying anger and frustration and were challenging their mom’s authority. “Therapy for the family started with Blanca,” says Cristina Sandoval, Mental Health Program Manager. “Through our parenting sessions, we helped Blanca regain her authority and create a healthy home environment where she and her boys could grow closer and more supportive of each other.” 

Says Blanca, “The stresses the boys and I were facing earlier this year, which seemed so difficult to overcome when we started the program, are now for the most part behind us. The therapy we received from Cristina and her staff was exactly the help and support we needed. Little by little, by using the coping and communication tools we have been taught, we have all worked like a team to make things better for our family. The boys and I are all much happier now and I feel like I have given Nicolas and Alexander a gift for life in the process.” 

“The Mental Health therapists at QueensCare do an excellent job and are like family to us. Their program works and has changed my life and the lives of my children in very positive ways. Alexander has just completed his treatment and has gained valuable tools to help him regulate himself both with his family and with others. Ultimately, both boys have learned to function better with their family and friends, both at home and in school.” 

About The QueensCare Mental Health Program 

Our dedicated staff has a gift for making children feel safe, secure and welcome. Our mental health therapists work with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and specialize in the particular needs of children. They are bilingual, friendly, and supportive.