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Since 1992, QueensCare has been providing grants for nonprofit agencies and hospitals that make a difference in the low income healthcare communities of Los Angeles. Past grant recipients have used funds to provide fundamental healthcare services like primary care, dental care, vision screenings, AIDS / HIV Care, and much more. Alongside our partners, we hope to address healthcare disparities in our communities.

QueensCare Charitable Grants Application Process

Step 01

Qualify for a QueensCare Grant

Charitable healthcare grants are available to registered 501(c)3 organizations that provide healthcare services for low income families and individuals to select areas in Los Angeles.

Step 02

Complete the QueensCare Grant Form

Click Below to Start the QueensCare Healthcare Grant Form and save your progress. All fields with asterisks are mandatory.

Step 03

Submit to QueensCare for Approval

You will receive an email letting you know that your submission has been received by QueensCare and it will be reviewed by our healthcare grant committee.

Step 04

QueensCare Healthcare Grant Awarding

QueensCare Healthcare Grant recipients will be notified in less than 90 days according to our board schedules. To check status, you may call (323) 669-4301.