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QHFP - Resources - Site Readiness

Site Readiness for Partnership

Whether a church/school/agency is ready to receive and maintain the QueensCare Health & Faith Partnership (QHFP) program is dependent on several factors. Listed below are the most important criteria used for evaluating a site's readiness for QHFP.

Criteria for partnership

  • Located within QHFP service area (determined by zip code).
  • Adequate size of members and outreach programs (must serve a minimum of 200 people)
  • Located within or serves the uninsured, low-income population.
  • Embrace the concept and mission of whole person health.
  • Has support of site leadership.
  • Able to supply office space, a dedicated phone line & locked file cabinet for QHFP parish nurse.
  • Seen in the community as a valuable and respected resource.
  • Willing to participate in QHFP meetings, education and evaluation.
  • Agrees to recruit and organize a health committee to meet monthly with the parish nurse.
  • Will provide outreach and publicity to the community regarding the services of the parish nurse.
  • Has a resource of volunteers to help with health events.

Revised 07/26/00