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QHFP - Resources - Responsibilities

Responsibilities of QueensCare and of Congregations / Community Organizations

QueensCare, through QueensCare Health & Faith Partnership, will work with faith communities, community agencies, universities and volunteers to provide health programs, education and screening in congregations and the communities they serve.

Responsibilities of QueensCare

  • Employ a full time Director to manage the program and its objectives, and to supervise Partnership Nurses, and assist in the development of Health Cabinets.
  • To recruit and hire Partnership Nurses to work with each partner to provide health programs designed by the Health Cabinet.
  • To provide professional liability coverage for the Partnership Nurses.
  • Provide orientation, training and ongoing education classes for Partnership Nurses and Health Cabinet members.
  • To compile data and information relative to the program and its objectives.
  • Provide professional healthcare resources, people, and materials needed to provide health programs in accordance with the goals and objectives of QHFP.
  • Referrals to free or low-cost medical care at QueensCare Community Clinics to include doctor visits, prenatal care, medications, laboratory exams, X-rays, dental care, inpatient care at local hospitals, transportation and vision care according to the scope and limitations of QueensCare.

Responsibilities of the Congregations / Community Organizations

  • Establish a Health Cabinet that meets monthly
  • Provide space where private consultations can be held, equipped with a locking file cabinet
  • Work with the Partnership Nurse to plan, implement and evaluate health programs that meet the identified needs of their constituents
  • Keep records of health ministry activities and report as requested by QHFP
  • Participate in QHFP jointly sponsored activities
  • Recruit volunteers to assist with health programs
  • Provide outreach to their constituents and neighborhood