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QHFP - Resources - Parish Nurses

Roles of the Parish Nurse

Health Education

Promotes an understanding of the relationship between ones lifestyle, attitudes, faith and well-being through seminars, written information, one-on-one education, bulletin boards, etc. Also provides health education on topics of interest or need for specific populations i.e. diabetes, tobacco prevention, hypertension, cancer, parenting. Promotes the health ministry concept in a variety of forums.

Health Counseling

Completes a holistic (physical, psychosocial, and spiritual) health assessment and develops a personalized care plan. Discusses personal health issues and concerns of the client. Provides crisis intervention as needed. Makes home, hospital, nursing home, and telephone visits.

Volunteer Coordination

Serves as the Health Cabinet / Student Health Council technical advisor. Assists them with assessing the needs of their faith community, planning and implementing health promotion activities. Recruits, coordinates, resources, and supports the health program volunteers.

Health Screening / Referral

Provides screenings and referrals to appropriate healthcare. Helps clients access timely and appropriate services. Facilitates utilization of church/school/agency and community resources and services by staff and clients. Coordinates health resources for groups such as health fairs, immunizations, and flu shots.

Case Management & Advocacy

Locates healthcare services and options. Assists clients to understand and navigate the healthcare system. Provides follow-up to be sure persons are receiving needed care and following their treatment plan. Acts on clients behalf to ensure they are treated justly with compassion and respect. Responds to social justice issues that affect the health of clients.

Pastoral Care

Is considered part of the pastoral team. Provides spiritual care to individuals and families; primarily as a ministry or presence. May provide the sacraments, prayer, visitation, and assists in worship as requested.

Resource: Nurse Parish International