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QHFP - Resources - Guidelines for Health Cabinets

Guidelines for Health Cabinets


  • Functions as a regular standing committee
  • Elects chairperson, secretary, and other officers as needed
  • Meets regularly to plan, implement, and evaluate their health programs


  • Members are people interested in promoting health and wellness
  • Some will be health professionals, but not everyone need be
  • The nurse helps empower the health committee members, acts as a coach and advisor, assists with the planning and implementation
  • It is helpful if the pastor or other minister of the church is involved


  • Introduces the program to the congregation, and takes a survey of health concerns of the people
  • Based on the findings of the survey, they plan and implement health programs
  • Acts as a clearinghouse for all health activities in the church
  • Attend the support and educational programs provided by QHFP
  • Evaluates their programs to determine how best to meet the needs of the congregants and the community
  • Grow in their own understanding of whole person (body, mind and spirit) health, and works toward having everyone take charge of promoting their own health