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QHFP - Resources - Steps to Health Ministry Program

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Steps to Beginning a Health Ministry Program

  1. Find some friends and tell them about it. Learn all you can about it.
  2. Ask for God's guidance as you consider introducing it to your pastor and church.
  3. Talk with the pastor and congregational leaders about this program and how it could benefit the people.
  4. With the approval of the governing body, begin to form the health committee, and have them meet to decide what they want to do, and how they will do it. After the goals and objectives are written, select a chairperson, a secretary and other officers you think necessary.
  5. Plan to introduce this health ministry to the entire congregation, using a Health Sunday, for example, and possibly commissioning the nurse and health committee members at a worship service.
  6. Survey the congregational members as to what their health needs are, and with the results of the survey, plan and implement health programs that meet their needs.
  7. Network with other committees within the congregation and act as a catalyst in helping them deal with health issues. For example, the youth group may want to learn more about AIDS, the seniors may wish to learn about nutrition, and young married people may wish to have parenting classes. Prioritize your health activities for the year.
  8. Network with other organizations and agencies in the community. Explore how you might collaborate in promoting health and wellness.
  9. Plan a major health event such as a health fair, and invite the community to come and share in the services provided.
  10. Hold regular health committee meetings, and working with the nurse, plan activities that encourage people to be healthy and take charge of their own health.