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Osteoporosis Screening

May 18, 2010

In celebration of National Women’s Health Week, QHFP offered free osteoporosis screenings for two mornings in mid May. Overall, 97 clients were screened over the 2 days. 71% had normal results; 29% had osteopenia and 0% had osteoporosis. Every client received personalized health education in addition to the screening.

Osteoporosis and low bone mass affect and estimated 44 million Americans. Experts project that one in two women will suffer an osteoporosis related fracture in their lifetimes. Osteoporosis screenings are a quick and easy way to prevent these types of fractures from occurring.

QHFP offers discounted osteoporosis screenings every Wednesday from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. Please contact Magali Oliva at (323) 644-6189 with any questions.


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