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We Began Ten Years Ago

January 16, 2009

It was on June 12, 1998, that Arthur Barron and J.J. Brandlin provided the leadership and vision to the Board of Directors of Queen of Angels-Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center to create a new healthcare charity to care for the poor of Los Angeles. This pivotal blueprint for the future included the sale of the medical center and the formation of a seamless system of healthcare: one which would provide a healthcare home and continuum of care for the uninsured. They named the charity QueensCare.

That was our beginning. We’ve served hundreds of thousands of Angelenos, providing quality healthcare, with trusted points of access to care in churches, schools and agencies located in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles. We have become one of the largest community clinic providers; we’re a model for faith-based holistic healthcare; and we’ve fostered many innovations in community clinic care, including Electronic Health Records, by collaborating with others in the field. Over the ten year period, we have invested over $170 million in care for those who might otherwise have gone without.



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