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QueensCare and USC Working Together

August 26, 2008

The $1.1 million grant will expand comprehensive pharmacy services at five local family clinics for underserved patients.

By Kukla Vera

The USC School of Pharmacy has been awarded a three-year grant from QueensCare, an organization dedicated to providing accessible health care to uninsured and low-income individuals and families residing in Los Angeles County.

The grant builds on a previous grant where services successfully improved patient health outcomes and quality of life while decreasing overall medical costs through appropriate drug therapy.

A cornerstone of the initial and extension grants is the medication therapy management component, a disease-management approach that provides regular, one-on-one pharmacist counseling to patients, resulting in better medication compliance and overall improved disease management.

“This grant will make it possible for us to have two full-time pharmacists and a pharmacy resident at the clinics,” said primary investigator Kathleen A. Johnson, associate professor of clinical pharmacy and of pharmaceutical economics and policy at the USC School of Pharmacy.

The funding also will allow the school to measure the effectiveness of the program in improving health outcomes for patients, Johnson said.

In addition to providing clinical services, the grant expands programs provided by supervised student pharmacists. The grant requires that all services be provided in a manner that is culturally sensitive to the populations served at the five QueensCare locations, including clinics in Echo Park, Hollywood, Eagle Rock and East Los Angeles and at Eighth and Mariposa.

“The success of the last grant made it easy for us to continue funding the USC School of Pharmacy services at our clinics,” said Terry Bonecutter, president and CEO of QueensCare.


photo/Kukla Vera

Sally S. Hur counsels Jesus Verdugo at the QueensCare Clinic in Echo Park.



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